Case Study: Amnesty International UK

Over two years, I worked closely with one of the worlds most recognisable organisations, Amnesty International. Looking at the way it communicates and engages with supporters and donors both on and offline – a huge undertaking by any standards.
They were a fantastic client to work with, showing a real passion not just to drive the site forward, but to create one better than any other charity site out there.

The core design adapts Amnesty’s instantly recognisable ‘hi-vis’ campaign signs and uses these as mastheads across the site with particular varied use on the campaign pages themselves. A balance had to be struck between functionality in design and one which was visually appealing / effective for the client.

A challenging brief, and one which has entirely different needs of its users, and requirements from the brand. More targeted user journeys, and less casual browsing. The entire structure of the site is built around individuals beliefs to help and make a difference.

Sitemap: One of the guiding principals of the Amnesty site was to get the right user to the specific issue they were interested in. It was felt that browsing a page of different problems around the world was inappropriate given the nature of the content on these pages.
Sketches & wireframes: Action page
Redesigned and simplified registration form: We found during the research and discovery phase that to make a donation or similar action, users were required to register their details. The amount of information requested was enormous and a large amount of it was not required for the action or used for any particular purpose by Amnesty. We were able to work with the client to reduce the number of fields to only the most necessary. In turn, vastly improving conversion on these pages.
Taking action: Optimised for both desktop and tablet, the ‘action’ page is designed in a way that gives the user enough information at first glance to be sufficiently informed to make a decision. If they want to delve deeper, further information can be found further down the page. The full donation journey takes place in the top panel of the page, ensuring that the details on the issue remain on screen at all times should the user wish to refer back to them.